Susan Andison Hardy

Hastings, ON K0L 1Y0

Susan’s journey with horses started over 10 years ago.  It began with a trail ride at a local stable and grew into lessons.  Spending time with the horses, she began to understand the profound impact the horses were having on her.  The horses started her on a journey back to herself.
Horses, as mythical and sensitive beings, were part of a young girl’s world.  The majestic animals and that young girl had a lot in common.  At a very young age, Susan became aware of her gifts of sensitivity and intuition.  As a girl she was of comfort to her grandmother who was bedridden with cancer.  Susan sat by her grandmother’s side for days without saying a word, simply holding her hand and being, as her grandmother departed the physical world.
Throughout her life Susan has thirsted for understanding;  helping people and animals enabled her learning.  As a young woman she volunteered with mentally challenged children and immobile seniors.  Over the years the volunteering continued with the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program, the Humane Society and most recently by creating a rescue facility for abandoned or abused horses and donkeys.
Susan’s education and professional career have been varied.  The common theme has been people.   Her educational focus was sociology and psychology.   For over 22 years she has worked for Xerox Canada.  Her current role is as a Manager in the customer services field and she has received several awards of recognition for her contributions to the services organization.   Susan became certified in Jungian typology (MBTI, True Colours, Insights, etc.)  to assist the corporation in its focus on the employee and team dynamics.  However, applying the gifts of typology in the corporate world paled in comparison with helping an individual seeking personal discovery.
Having been focussed on her corporate and family life, there was little time for horses.  However, she was always looking for that something to feed her soul.  A significant life change brought her to the country to a place only seen in her dreams.  In Susan’s dream the gift the horses brought to her showed her the way to living fully with intent and an open heart.  Her dream was very vivid and in it she could envision using horses to heal as they were now healing her.

Phoenix Acres is the fruition of that dream.   There is much to learn from the horses.  Their sensitivity of being, their honesty without judgement, ensure an experience that will hearten our souls.  Susan’s journey has led her to a certification in Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning where she is able to facilitate experiences that will open the door to the wondrous possibilities of the soul.


FEEL Training Program

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Horse Spirit Connections
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