Susan Hogg

Practicing out of Horse Spirit Connections

Susan has always had a strong love and affinity for animals, including horses. As she did not feel drawn to horse-back riding, horses became a part of her life later in her adult years, when she discovered a more natural way to connect with them, through equine-facilitated learning at Horse Spirit Connections®.
As a graduate of the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, Susan has worked as a family doctor since 1991, and this work is both challenging and very rewarding.
After taking several sessions of equine-facilitated learning for personal development, she experienced first-hand the incredible way these wonderful animals can help people to learn, heal, and grow. This transformative experience, the power of working with horses, inspired Susan to want to help others in this way, and this led to her completion of the FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)® Program at Horse Spirit Connections® in 2020.
Susan also has a strong Christian faith, which continues to grow. She feels there is a beautiful potential and capacity for people to explore, and strengthen their faith, through interactions with horses, and she is passionate about focusing part of her work on this spiritual aspect.
Susan also feels equine-facilitated learning can help individuals have healthier, loving relationships, and she finds it very rewarding to help people in this area.
In her spare time, Susan enjoys activities that help her connect with nature, including gardening, hiking, travel to scenic destinations, and of course spending time with horses.
Her experiences interacting with these majestic animals have truly enriched her life, and she is eager to facilitate others to have similar experiences. She will be forever in awe of these incredible animals.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

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