Terri Bowhey

Barrie, ON, L0L 1Y2

There were key moments in Terri’s young life that would eventually surface, which would come to explain how she would affectionately refer to herself as the Courageous Horsewoman who lives down the road. Perhaps it was the time that Terri’s dad placed her on the top of a draft horse when she was one year old and sat watching her father do the barn chores, or the time at the age of four she was lifted on to the back of yet another draft horse that something magical was happening between Terri and the equine experience. There was never a fear, even at the age of 4, only the memory of how grand this beautiful beast was beneath her. That memory has never faded from Terri’s psyche….

At the age of 13, Terri’s deep sense of connection with horses would help her to align with what would eventually be her calling.  Galloping over the rolling hills during summer camp, with a dozen horses and their teenage riders, the free spirited horses, with winds whipping through their manes became a scene of screaming young girls and frantic horses.  After walking into a nest of bees, the horses did everything to get away from the terror of the girls screams and the biting bees and yet, here was this young girl, atop a large grey gelding, and having the sense to stay calm, breathe and quietly take her horse away from the chaos of what was happening behind her.  Those words, …..     breathe, stay calm and relax…

Not quite 40 years later, Blue Heron Stables has evolved into a horse sanctuary owned by Terri and her husband of 32 years.  With 10 years of horse experience under her belt, Terri has carved a path out  for herself and her 6 horses, teaching people of all ages the deep connection one can have with horses.

In 2005, Terri was given a gift of a horse by the name of Sasha.  A very young, very green Belgian, Hackney cross.  The two would forge a relationship that would take them both to clinics and workshops over the next 8 years. Their relationship would also be tested after a fall off of Sasha sent Terri to the hospital and so began the lessons on the emotional healing between horse and human. The words, breathe, stay calm and relax would become household words for Terri.

Always asking questions, always searching for answers, little by little stepping away from conventional thinking when it came to horses, Terri found the road that led her to Chris Irwin.  It was through his teachings that she was able to understand and acknowledge that horses have their own language and that we as humans could actually learn to speak that language. Over the past 7 years, Terri worked with Chris’ method and obtained her Silver Certification in the Tack and just recently received her Gold Certification on the Ground through his certification Program.

She also pushed through another door to the lessons that horses have to offer people when she obtained her Level 1 and 2 in Chris Irwin’s Equine Assisted Personal Development Program.  This truly was the road less travelled but an incredible road it has been for Terri.  In March of 2012, Terri opted to stop riding horses, and her teaching style reflected her choice.

Terri’s push to help people understand the deeper relationship that can come through groundwork, led her to find a woman by the name of Wendy Golding from Horse Spirit Connections.  Wendy co authored a book by the name of Horses as Teachers and because Terri was excited by the changes happening at her farm, she decided to put a call out to Wendy and asked to meet her in person and if Terri was lucky enough, she might even be able to meet these magical horses that lived on their property.  It was an amazing experience to say the least.  She was drawn into Wendy’s spirit and listening to some of her experiences with horses, confirmed to Terri that she was where she needed to be .  A walk through the fields with Wendy and her wonderful herd of horses was nothing short of magical.  Six months later, Terri was signed up to participate in Horse Spirit Connections Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning program.  A six month, in depth nationally recognized certification course, would help to further carve Terri’s path on a much deeper level with her own horses at Blue Heron Stables.  In June of 2013, Terri Graduated from the FEEL program, walking away with a deeper understanding of the heart connection and relationships one can have with horses and with people.  She was grateful to incorporate all of these teachings with her students.

Through all of Terri’s fears, frustrations and worries in arriving at this moment in her life with horses, The Courageous Woman who lives down the Road is now full of happiness, joy and absolute gratitude!

Blue Heron Stables is home to 7 horses that have taken on their new roles as teachers and healers with the FEEL program.  Terri offers workshops and private sessions and is also available for Horsemanship Lessons for people of all ages. Contact Terri for more information regarding upcoming FEEL workshops, and inquiries about private sessions and lessons.


FEEL Training Program

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