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Horses have been the constant thread throughout Tina Llewellyn’s life.  From very early childhood, they were only in dreams until she was gifted her first pony at the age of 8.  She and Flagg were constant companions, whether at Pony Club or just hanging out.

Broken-hearted when she literally outgrew her petite four-legged friend, Tina continued to bring horses into her life.  

It was Lucinda, a sweet, red-headed Thoroughbred mare that chose Tina and became her heart horse.  Together they travelled to Florida and Virginia, working for and learning about upper level Three Day Eventing.  Bringing the knowledge back home, Tina felt completely in her element.  She and Lucinda won many competitions, but deep down, competing wasn’t what she loved most about horses.  It was just spending time with them in the field that filled her heart.

Tina was 16 at the time and her clever and sensitive companion would mirror the sadness and pain Tina kept hidden from the world.  Tina had started hanging out with an old crowd, one that she wasn’t truly comfortable with.  Pressure from the group led to an incident that would affect Tina for years.  Filled with shame and guilt, the event created a rift in her family and it would be years before Tina would be able to reconnect with them.

Burying her pain, Tina channeled her energy into becoming a Farrier which gave her a way to work with horses and create with her hands.  Tina apprenticed with many of the top Farrier’s in British Columbia, achieved Journeyman Designation, a title few women acquired, and built a successful business, Lucinda by her side.

Embarking on a healing journey, Tina studied Herbal Medicine on Salt Spring Island, working with plants and learning to listen to her own body.  She was introduced to sacred ceremony and enrolled in Shamanic Practitioner training, blending her love of Plant, Spirit and Animals together to help others.  Throughout this journey Tina rekindled her relationship with her family, coming full circle.

By 2016 the physical demands of being a Farrier had taken their toll and Tina knew it was time to move on.  Wanting to continue a path of service to others, Tina became certified as a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor.   

It was around this time that Tina faced her toughest moment – saying farewell to Lucinda.  Her death signified an end to her past, and Spirit had something to say about Tina’s future.  She was introduced to a new way of being with horses – FEEL, Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning.  Training at Mystic Waters Ranch, Tina learned how to partner with horses as teachers to help others heal and grow.  The journey reawakened other passions Tina had forgotten, including art.

As a FEEL practitioner, Tina and her herd work with children to learn how to create safe boundaries and express themselves through art.  She also works with women in inspiring them to find their voice and their own passions. With her handsome gelding Morgan (and Lucinda’s whispers in her ear), Tina offers individual sessions, workshops and experiential retreats. For more information visit the website listed below and to book a session, please email or call Tina directly! 


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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