Ulrika Borgström

Morap, Sweden

Ulrika – The Dreamer and Doer

Ulrika was a child with a lot of dreams and beliefs. One of her recurring dreams was living on a farm with a herd of horses.

Horses played a major role in Ulrika’s life. She took riding lessons at nine years or age and since then horses have had a great impact on her life.

In 2009 Ulrika bought her first horse. It was a brown tubby mare with kind-hearted eyes. Unbeknown to anyone, the mare, Emili, was pregnant. When the foal arrived, Emili became dangerous to handle. After unsuccessfully trying different ways to manage the mare, Ulrika discovered she have to learn to communicate with Emili in the same way that horses communicate with each other. This revelation and experience changed the lives of both Ulrika and her horses. All of a sudden, they would cooperate! Emili developed faith in a human being and told Ulrika her story, teaching her about life – communications, the authentic self, spirituality, life and death. Life changing experiences and wisdoms.

Then Ulrika started to dream about that farm again. A dream bigger than just farming. She wanted to help people to develop mind and soul. To let others, know about communication between species. Communication without words. She wanted to create a place filled with calmness, happiness, mindfulness and the possibilities to make changes. The dream went to become a vision, and from a vision to a plan, until it became real. The farm of her dreams – Lundom Gård – is now the home of Ulrika, her family, the brown mare and another 12 horses. The farm is guarded by two dogs and three cats Tiger, Tusse and Gustaf guard the barn of mouse.

Ulrika provides workshops and private sessions in self-development with a focus on how to make your dream come true, as well as workshops on communications, energy work and personal growth.

As founder of the company “Growth” focusing on accounting and business development, Ulrika helps entrepreneurs grow both as businessmen and individuals. She combines this with FEEL and other activities at Lundom Farm. The Farm is available as a meeting space and for small conferences for business people while also providing boarding for horses.

Welcome to Lundom Farm, a piece of wellbeing, feel good experience, and the dreamer and doer team. For more information or to book a session please contact Ulrika at: ulrika@equb.se


FEEL Training Program

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Horse Spirit Connections
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