Wendy Golding

Totttenham, Ontario

Wendy Golding is the founder of Horse Spirit Connections Inc., a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to promoting transformation and personal growth through the wisdom of the horse.

Wendy has been passionate about Horses all of her life – winning shows as a young girl, and taking the requisite number of falls!  As an adult, she became a member of The Governor General’s Horse Guards where she honed her riding skills in military parades, musical rides, and lance work.  Her passion then turned to Polo.  Enjoying the thrills and teamwork with her horses, Wendy stopped playing due to a Polo injury and turned her focus to exploring deeper connections with horses.
Picking up a paint brush to paint these beautiful creatures opened the door for further studies in horse behavior and other animals from the wilds.  This puts her in touch with the beautiful, ancient wisdom of nature and animals whose inspiration fuels her passion on canvas.

Wendy is a vibrant and successful entrepreneur who has worked in the corporate world for 20 years with Fortune 500 companies including Palm, Xerox, and Wal-Mart. She spent the majority of her time in the highly demanding corporate world learning about the power of intention. Working very hard to ‘be successful and exceed goals’, she found she was missing the call from her heart.

Wendy has explored her spiritual connections through the path of shamanism.  She is a Pipe Carrier on the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. She attained the position of Pipe Carrier on the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path and has trained as a shamanic coach. Combining this healing modality with the wisdom of the horse has opened a new world of powerful teachings for her.

Wendy is an Epona Instructor and has completed an extensive apprenticeship with Linda Kohanov and Kathleen Barry Ingram of the Epona Center in Arizona. (See www.taoofequus.com).  She is also a member of EGEA (Equine Guided Education Association), NARHA  (North American Riding for the Handicapped Association), and EFMHA (Equine Facilitated Mental Health Association).


FEEL Training Program

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