Wilma de Zeeuw

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Wilma de Zeeuw earned her Master’s degree in Behavioural Sciences, specializing in Family and Behavioural Problems in her native Netherlands in 1999. Since then she has worked as a clinician in child & adolescent as well as adult mental health. Pursuing her passion to help others manifest their own vision, dreams and goals, she completed the Coaching for Individuals Certification program with Transformational Arts College in Toronto in 2009, adding Life Coaching with a psychological and spiritual approach to her range of services. Wilma furthermore holds her Level 2 Reiki certification, incorporating energy healing into her work with people and horses.

She has practised in various community and government agencies as well as in private practice around the world. While living and working in New Zealand she first experienced experiential learning. The wilderness component of the treatment program offered to clients rendered quick and profound results. An avid horse lover since childhood, Wilma intuitively knew outcomes could be enhanced with horses as part of the experience.

Wilma started searching for a way in horses can support people in their psychological, emotional and spiritual development. After immigrating to Canada, Wilma attended her first workshop at Horse Spirit Connections in 2009. The transformative experience confirmed what she had always believed, that horses are powerful teachers and healers.

As a certified FEEL practitioner since 2012, Wilma has facilitated numerous private sessions and workshops, inviting people to move from what they know to what is possible to know in partnership with the horses.

A former member of the FEEL Alumni Steering Committee and contributing author to “Healing with Horses” book, Wilma continues to be an advocate for this transformative modality.

In her personal life, it’s the authentic connection with horses that anchors her and allows her to return to her truth. Partnering with horses allows her to connect to a deeper knowing about life and about herself.


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