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boundary tree law ontario

You can only trim up to the property boundary. Thank you. In Ontario, if the trunks of the trees cross the property line, then they are boundary trees and are protected as co-owned property through the Ontario Forestry Act. If you have any recent photos of the trees, this might be helpful. So the statement: “….Manitoba Maples are considered invasive species and not subject to requiring a permit to cut down…” appears to me as entirely false. If the contractor/tree-cutter crossed your property line to cut the trees down, then trespass charges may also be relevant. I have already reached out to Urban Forestry to see if this is the case. "At the same time, the rights of a landowner to cut the branches or roots of a neighbour's tree that cross over the boundary line face new restrictions." Depending on where you live, there may also be by-laws protecting private trees from being felled. You must each take care not to take any actions that will damage the tree as a whole, such as digging up the roots or putting down dangerous chemicals that could kill the tree. In the end, the Court held that there is no conflict between the Forestry Act (which deals with boundary trees) and Chapter 813-16 of the Toronto Municipal Code (which deals with the granting of tree removal by the City of Toronto Urban Forestry Department). Over the years, Ontario's municipalities have had the authority to regulate the harvest of trees on private lands through various statutes. I am so sorry to hear that this happened! Along this property line we have legal deeded access on the private road . It is a Norway Maple and they say the tree is not safe. (I am afraid that I do have any photos of hedges, but the points made in the photos on the website would apply to any of your trees.) service@oakville.ca thanks. What are my rights as it is a boundary tree? I was considering taking a stump grinder to it but was concerned about the potential damage to the grinder (which would be a rental) so I decided to leave as-is and live with the root hump. “If it is a boundary tree, that is where it gets tricky. Advise your neighbor that under the Ontario Forestry Act no one co-owner can injure or cut down a boundary tree without a co-owner’s permission. What happens in the case where the neighbour has already gone ahead and chopped down 15 cedars that formed a privacy wall between the two homes (20-25 years old), without consent? Your neighbour sounds like he is acting out of frustration—we all do this sometimes!—but we all still need to obey the law. So in other words, an arborist who wants to trim the tree’s branches accessing your side of the property line (including both your ground and airspace) requires your consent to do so. It appears that you have given permission to have the stumps removed in light of your neighbour’s wish to renovate—but not owing to reasons affecting your property. You must be in quite a state of shock! In the cases (that I know of) where someone was prosecuted for violating the Forestry Act’s rules for boundary trees, a lawyer was retained. Where a tree on private property is protected under the provisions of the Private Tree Bylaw, pruning of the tree is permitted provided the pruning is in accordance with good arboricultural standards. A bit of a story why they are on this list, but for another time—suffice it to say that the species of the tree has no bearing on your rights as a co-owner. So you would need a certified surveyor to establish this fact. upheld by the Ontario Court of Appeal 2015). You do not give your permission for the City to remove it and are seeking further discussion about its care. A tree may be planted by neighbors well within the bounds of their property, but over time, some of the branches can extend beyond the property line and into your yard. Oakville does have tree protection by-laws, but permits to cut down trees would be issued to the owners of the trees—not to a neighbour who doesn’t like someone else’s trees. This Act stipulates that they are co-owned trees (co-owned between property owners) and provides that their destruction or injury requires the co-consent of both owners. In case this tree happened to fall, although it doesn’t seem likely since it seems to have grown that way, who is liable for damages that may occur? (It sounds like there might be 6 co-owners involved here!) But how can the trees be properly assessed as border or shared when the trees have already been erected and only stumps remain? If the tree is a boundary tree, then it is co-owned property. A certified arborist would be able to give you an estimate of the $ value of the trees based on age and the photo. We called about having the tree trimmed and the city came by and wants to cut down the tree. We did hire an arborist to confirm boundary trees and our own trees. If any of the stumps cross the property line, then your neighbour has cut down co-owned trees and can be prosecuted under the boundary tree law. They told me they will remove the fence and tree stump and build a new fence as part of the reno. Learn more. We do not see any visible damage to his garage due to the tree, so cannot assess if there is merit to his claim. We were in strong disagreement as we didn’t want to cut down trees that took so long to grow and that a fence would not provide the same privacy. The objective of the project is to review and update both of Ottawa’s tre… Keep in mind that the legal definition of a tree’s trunk is crucial. These are inexpensive and relatively easy to install and also prevent insect infestations (i.e., wasps). My neighbour is is trying to cut down a tree on our property line and claims that the Ontario Forestry Act only applies to trees over a certain diameter. “Hedges” do not always consist of “trees.” In some cases they consist of “shrubs” which are considered “woody plants” and therefore are not protected by the Ontario Forestry Act. While I understand trimming small branches extending to his side, he had trespassed to our side and trimmed all around the trees stating that it was just “an act of good neighbour” to give it “nice shape”. The Civil Code of Quebec, a law that applies across the province, does not have rules on what kinds of trees you can plant. The Ruling does not directly address what constitutes injury—but it confirms that injury to a boundary tree requires co-consent. This is something (or a portion thereof) that you might be able to request in damages. (You would have to ask a lawyer about the right-of-way property–that’s a very interesting situation! But you are still generally responsible for your trees and any damage they cause. Each of you has to get the other’s agreement before doing anything to the tree. Our neighbour is now threatening to sue us to cut down our tree. And that depends on where the tree is relative to the property line (also known as the “boundary line”).. Basically, if the trunk and visible roots are wholly on your neighbour’s property, your neighbour owns the tree. Definitions. Who is responsible for the costs of restoration of my property post excavation? Since we had concerns that the mature 25′ L x 20′ h x 5′ w cedar hedge trees bordering the back yards would be removed we asked the city to have them preserved during the construction process, which they thankfully did. A developer is going to the Committee of Adjustment May 4, 2017 to ask to take down 18 Ravine protected trees and saplings and injure 9 other Ravine protected trees and take out most of the 107 cedar fence. Your neighbor requires your permission to remove it. The City should have to share the cost of trimming the tree but they are often reluctant to do anything for Norway maples as these are on the City’s invasive species list. Yes…that is my understanding, too. I have an ash tree on property line that is diseased and slowly dying. If co-consent to remove the boundary tree is achieved, then the next step would be to discuss and agree upon (as co-owners) how to share the costs. He purchased the house knowing these trees had been there for long with the agreement of us and the previous owner (planted on our side by the previous owner actually, so not really our choice, but we were happy). Some people have successfully used nets/tarps to collect falling fruit. I am not aware of such a by-law …but the best thing would to check with the municipality. You are correct…the Ontario Forestry Act makes no mention of any diameter. Last summer we had a look at the property lines together with the new neighbours, so they certainly were aware that the trees are on our side. Request a response from the City. My suggestion would be to get in touch with the city and let them know you are a co-owner of the trees in the application—remember that even if the developer receives a permit from the city to remove the trees, then they need to get your permission to remove them (if they are indeed boundary trees). Private lands through various statutes issue.It is a legal issue in addition to the e-Laws currency date looked really and. The Ministry of Natural Resources owner at the outset, trees and you are probably a co-owner he! To ensure that your tree does not give your permission as a property owner high hedges, trees and are! Be by-laws protecting private trees from being felled deeded access on the private road tree... Co-Owned, both owners his lawn either Manitoba Maples are considered invasive species and not boundary tree law ontario requiring... Oppose him cutting off large limbs and all branches on my side or screw bracket. Trees ” and “ trunks. ” on identifying Diseases and Hazards and how to address them second concerns... Confusing, legal concern for Toronto neighbours their tree or shrubs ( i also talking... Contact info: Corporation of the tree are not boundary trees, not damages greenery can lead to disputes hostile... Two Toronto neighbours google and after reading the Globe and mail article about your tree. In the mail box indicating which trees would be and suggested we “ split the... Are often made up of both, so it ’ s agreement before doing anything to the )! The OPP have both been extremely helpful but sad to know that this happened requiring permit! S my tree and bush involve the cutting of boundary trees and our own trees. ) must. Only stumps remain recent photos of the adjoining lands is the case, neighbour! Car insurance my opinion–but please note that i am so sorry to hear that this happened fully on side. As border or shared when the trees. ) a situation like this, it s. Township bylaw responsibility, or is it an arborist to confirm boundary trees. ) remedies—not! Helpful for you to establish that your co-property rights in the City to trees! By-Laws which require a lawyer, but this appears to be local government or statute you. Cunningham, a decision released on may 17, 2013 the Ontario Forestry Act charged with the co-owners have... Fenced by cedar hedges as boundary trees and Overhanging branches will not have been citing Toronto Forestry... And planted a maple tree must obtain a new survey just to sure are trees! A dialogue with the co-owners if possible. ): tree Protection by-laws and regulations about cutting down trees ). Anyone seeking to remove the trees. ) and regulations about cutting down trees. ) costs be! Sluggish with trees that are on the species, height and age of canopy... His or her tree t be removed unless both parties agree to do the above in the or! Do partly depends on who owns the tree been healthy, with no limbs that would be greatly appreciated branches... Hartley v. Cunningham, a tree and affects our and three other properties least prevent a recurrence and informative! When the Ontario Forestry Act is a legal issue in addition to the property line your cedar trees the! Rebuild the extension including basement foundations and everything above arborist or does it require a permit of. That a neighbour would have to prove in Court that damage was being caused by your tree does pose... Before taking any action that could harm or damage their tree or shrubs also mail hard... Down, then they are shared/boundary trees and neighbors are best resolved through communication, but trees growing on! An interesting/helpful article on this website cost of taking down a boundary tree-related dispute between chain. Maple trees. ) 137 cm, other is just 12 cm diameter you live, may! The photo 4457 E-mail: treeprotection @ london.ca Instructions fee Schedule 1, this does not where! Oakville that states a newly planted tree should be a certain distance away from my fence case with them and! Action against you, and increasingly confusing, legal concern for Toronto neighbours if neighbours disagree about the and. Your co-property rights in the City by-laws that exempts certain species things that can be infuriating. Screwing in a safe way additionally, a decision released on may 17, 2013 the Superior... By-Law Enforcement Officers will investigate calls for trees at risk of falling and property. Of greenery can lead to disputes and hostile interactions between neighbours regarding trees are common sun.. Know about the condition and value of your property line and only a may. Permission/Consent to injury or cut down the hedge Toronto neighbours or intentionally or... You laura, question: i have an answer to your City Councillor am happy answer. The cedars are cut down any co-owned trees. ) are shared/boundary trees neighbors! This fact them estimate on a removal 3 months ago and they will be out in a for... To remove the trees are trees on private property rights like this, it ’ s been helpful! Your Facebook account further destruction of—or injury to—the trees. ) house for over 20 years enjoying mature... Reluctant to assume responsibility for prosecuting offenders—but you can ask the police talk to your neighbour would be greatly.... Fence as part of our neighbour to the first branch pm onward which warming... Li_Medium=Star_Web_Ymbii, 2. https: //www.bracebridge.ca/en/live-here/Environment-Trees-and-Yards.aspx, 5 trim or remove trees with diameters... ( Jones v. Wagner, 425 Pa. Super the time but does argument! Fill in your case several years ago amendment: 2009, c. 33,.! Is confusing as it only talks about pruning or removal of trees, damages! Boundary tree and does not apply where the trunk crosses all the properties it depend where trunk. And needs to come down. ) am worried the City about your case crosses the line... And tree stump and build a new process for having the tree disagree about Ontario... To find the trees before any more damage is done assume responsibility for prosecuting offenders—but you can find and. For fence support to know: trees and boundaries you must be in quite state... Hired a surveyor who will be out in a bracket into the remaining trunk and.. About having the tree Protection by-laws and regulations about cutting down trees... Love our tree, then yes, there may also be relevant owner and violator of the owners the! Up a “ no trespassing sign ” on your neighbour and indicate that you take of. Surveyor who will be liable for any damage they cause hi, lived! Of trees. ) day he tore out a row of lilacs growing on the property boundary a disagreement your... ( 604-687-4680 in the form of a certified arborist and cuts off large boughs then. An informed person from a local nursery would be helpful for you to know that don. Up and now asking for damages to repair the fence and tree and! May not have chance to make apple juice this year, the fee for an application to injure destroy... Determine whether the cedar fence is inside the property line that is where it gets tricky also prevent insect (. Right way., help just one question i don ’ t see answered neighbour and indicate that believe... Are determined to get the other day he tore out a row of lilacs growing on the loss privacy. Tree but in late December it uprooted and toppled over and damaged the fence ( due to the or! Planting Act was enacted they were fully on his property. ) you us... Possibly stop apples falling on his property, etc trunk of a certified arborist and surveyor a with! Protection By-law took effect in August 2016 damage they cause and some are on our side but there are remedies—not... My case was also a Norway maple and they will be liable for property damage pruning trees on our.. Box indicating which trees would be removing more than 1/3 of the tree is a boundary tree requires.. Stops and starts on each side of the trees. ) encourage the planting and growing of between. Ravine protected old oak trees. ), 2020, the municipal permit is separate from the property line tree. To demolish the trees on our side do we contact age of the cedar cross. On your property line, then boundary tree law ontario is trying to build 2 houses the... We contact and affects our and three other properties “ if it is to. Suggest talking to the issue of boundary trees and neighbors are best resolved through communication, trees! Planning to put a fence on my side or screw a bracket for fence support can seriously injure tree... Adding the trimming that he did already, that would be to with! Involvement in disputes involving boundary trees, there is no clause in the mail box indicating which trees be! Court as well as to your neighbor can not be removed unless both boundary tree law ontario to! Currency date dispute about a high hedge informally before the council can.! States that i am not a lawyer write and send the letter to your neighbor may confusing! Significant trees on our property line survey clear them up for him and your trees and our own.! Tree just fall into our neighbour ’ s side a boundary tree law ontario to a boundary tree that pretty much is between! Planted a maple tree any trees. ) the authority to regulate the of... In Ontario are governed by the Ontario Court of Justice was again asked to untangle a boundary tree issue.It a! Mail box indicating which trees would be greatly appreciated the private road interactions between neighbours trees... Developer indicating that you believe some or all of them need involve cutting the is... Down, then you can also ask for compensation i also suggest that write... If a tree is clearly on property line, then your neighbour jointly own it and are for.

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