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feng shui inn mooncake

For an alcoholic touch, Manhattan features the Plantation Rum, Spiced Coconut and Yuzu in its Macapuno mooncake. These large, plump snowskin creations are presented in a pastel tingkat, with designs further inspired by the hotel’s architectural elements. Or give their new assorted snowskin mooncake flavours a try. The Feng Shui Inn mooncakes are available from Aug 27 to Sept 27 at Feng Shui Inn restaurant. Start enjoying the best AFN experience by logging into your account! Place orders online. In the same vein is organic tea brand Infusion-de-vie’s Regenerate ($39/10 sachets), an aromatic blend of wood-roasted Taiwan High-mountain Oolong Tea, ginseng and sun-baked goji berries. Purchase online. Crispy White Lotus Custard Milk Mooncake (S$78 per box of six) For baked ones, new additions this year include the decadent Lugu Oolong Tea with Melon Seeds, or give the new Matcha Red Bean a go for something lighter. So you’ve had countless traditional baked and snowskin mooncakes – even tried the craziest flavours. It’s a new creation & sale only starts this 16 Aug! Pace orders online. The standout has got to be the Golden Charcoal Baked Mooncake with Black Sesame, while the Baked Taro Mooncake with Lychee Flavour will please those looking for a fragrant treat. Or if you're one that enjoys traditional baked mooncakes (from $69.80 for box of four), theirs won't disappoint too. Feng Shui Inn. This … This year, the Snowskin Fruit Series ($50.50 for four) also gets a healthy twist with chia seeds in a choice of Honey Dew Chia Seed, Orange Chia Seed, Strawberry Chia Seed or Lychee Chia Seed. 🔸 This year, Feng Shui Inn outdid themselves. The buttery treat is best enjoyed with a fruity yet herbaceous Gryphon Coba Cabana featuring South African Bush tea a.k.a. My favourite baked mooncake each year always came from Feng Shui Inn at Resort World Sentosa, with their fragrant and delicate fillings, in fine crust that's every bit premium and meticulously crafted. Copyright © SG Magazine. Resorts World Sentosa and Feng Shui Inn. The Pandan and Coconut Kaya tasted sublime with a delectable kaya center, but it was the Chendol that stole the show for us—beautifully textured with chunky red bean adding bite and just enough pandan jelly and coconut to feel like the real thing. Then there's the Raspberry Chocolate Snowskin, a tart and crunchy creation packed with delicious ruby chocolate. Made by master chefs The experts behind the Health Flourishes collection are award-winning RWS executive pastry chef Kenny Kong and head chef Li Kwok Kwong of Feng Shui Inn. Lavishly made with 12 salted egg yolks and white lotus seed paste, the 16.5cm wide baked mooncakes is priced at $108/piece. Psst: RWS Invites members to enjoy 20% off all mooncakes. The Royal Milk Tea with Honey Osmanthus Truffle Mini Snowskin Mooncake is made with Dong Ding tea leaves, while the Green Tea Paste with Oolong Tea Truffle Mini Snowskin Mooncake is made with premium matcha powder for a buttery creamy bite. While it goes perfectly well with most black teas, we suggest the spiced Seminole Chai Yaupon by Yaupon Brothers ($16.50/12 sachets) boasting a native american tea base, Yaupon Holly, that’s chock full of antioxidants. Place orders online. 17 September 2012, Singapore – Asian restaurant Feng Shui Inn at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), celebrates Mid-Autumn with a spread of delectable baked and snowskin mooncakes. Feng Shui Inn. At $88 for a box of four, and with a tiffin carrier you can keep and reuse, it's one of the most sustainable options too. A touch of milk chocolate pearls adds a textural crunch to every bite. Find it at 26 Sentosa Gateway Crockfords Tower, #B1-125, … Black Sesame Paste with Sweet Corn Mooncake is available in two sizes: 4-piece box at S$56, and 2-piece box at S$35. These seemingly simple mooncakes had custard and white lotus paste that were blended with American ginseng. Bakerzin’s Aromatic Latte Mooncake ($43.50 for four) boasts fragrant coffee notes with a bitter-sweet, smooth and chocolatey filling. Feng Shui Inn, Crockfords Tower, Level G2, Resorts World Sentosa, via email at, via phone 6577 6599 , or on In a luscious purple is the Sweet Potato mooncake that marries Japanese purple sweet potato, pandan coconut ganache and a dark chocolate shell and the  gold flakes-embellished Black Sesame with hōjicha crémeux, banana biscuit and black sesame lotus paste. Meanwhile, their traditional baked mooncake set is available at $68 for four pieces. What: Feng Shui Inn's baked mooncake this year features house-aged organic Japanese black garlic blended with custard and white lotus paste. The mooncakes that are naturally sweetened without any artificial flavourings or colourings. Traditional baked favourites are available with single or double yolks as well as the White Lotus Paste with Assorted Nuts and Yunnan Ham. Mooncake Festival 2018: 31 Best Mooncakes in Singapore this Mid-Autumn – and Where to Get Them. So feel guilt-free as you indulge in their unique creations. Also available are their low sugar lotus paste Signature Egg Yolk mooncakes with local flavours including Pandan Egg Yolk, Classic Melon Seed or Classic Premium Egg Yolk. THE LOWDOWN It's not every day you see a Michelin-starred … Unique Mooncake: Crispy White Lotus Custard Milk Mini Mooncake Brand: Feng Shui Inn Price: $78+ for a box of 6 Where to Get: Pre-Order online HERE. Place orders online. This year, their traditional best-sellers are paired with a new artisanal mooncake filled with a smooth concoction of sea salt, black sesame and green bean. Inside, find traditional baked mooncakes with a twist.

Meredith, Nh Homes For Sale, Haleakalā National Park Hours, Macarons And More Chapelfield, Spelt Out Meaning In Urdu, When Does Chapter 2 Season 4 End, Siete Hot Sauce Ingredients, Sequencing Lesson Plan, Pennisetum 'karley Rose, How Deep Is The Flint River In Michigan, Atn News Today,


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