Connected Riding

Connected Riding

In Partnership with Your Horse

Do you yearn for a relationship with your horse based on mutual trust and respect?

Experience the beauty of a true connected partnership with your horse – the ability to ride as one. Horses are highly intuitive beings that can cue into a rider’s thoughts when a true partnership exists thus creating a riding experience where you are both an extension of each other.

This two-day workshop brings you and your horse together, riding in connection.

In partnership with your horse you will:

  • Learn the art of connection through ‘softening’
  • Create an ‘opening’ when you experience resistance
  • Enhance your sensitivity to your horse and his responsiveness
  • Discover how to ride the whole horse and direct the parts
  • Connect with the ‘feel’ behind your riding technique

Discover the joy of Connected Riding through a meeting of heart, body and mind.

Workshop Schedule

We will come and work with you and your horse in their known and safe environment. Please call Andre at 416 520 6276 or email if you are interested in deepening your relationship.

Personal Development
FEEL Certification

A great weekend to connect with your authentic spirit and to see where you may be holding back, so you can move forth with greater confidence as well as greater self awareness. Truly liberating, thank you!

Diane M., Kanata, ON


FEEL Training Program

Starts November 2, 2022 Enroll Today!

Horse Spirit Connections
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