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FEEL Training Program

Starts November 2, 2022 Enroll Today!

FEEL: Bringing the Insightful Teachings of Horses to People

Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning

Horse Spirit Connections is a place of discovery and reflection where adults, youth, and teams learn skills for personal development through equine-assisted therapy. FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)® is a new way of being in a relationship for horses and people. Horse Spirit Connections is the founder of the FEEL approach and has created specially designed programs to benefit people looking to create change in their lives and find fulfillment.

Horses can bring you back in touch with yourself! Through equine-assisted therapy, the horses touch the very heart of the human spirit. It is that part of our self that restores our wonder at the world and awakens our belief in magic, dreams, and possibilities.

The power, beauty and spirit of horses capture our imagination!  Who hasn’t yearned for the sweeping freedom horses inspire, and to bring that feeling of deep connection into our lives? Horses have an innate understanding of what we are experiencing and how to connect with us.

There is no riding involved thereby no horse experience is necessary in order to relate to our gentle horses.

Watch this poignant video to witness the power of horses. Meet Carla and how the horses have helped her find her authentic self through equine-assisted learning.  Produced by the FEEL Alumni.

FEEL Training

Empower your life and those of others with our FEEL Certification training program in the growing field of Equine Facilitated Learning and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy. Horse Spirit Connections is a leader in this dynamic field of developing human potential with experiential interactions with horses. Our comprehensive training program is suitable for coaches, educators, mental health professionals, equine specialists, wellness practitioners, and other individuals who are looking for practical training and experience in developing FEEL programs in the expanding field of equine guided healing.

Equine Facilitated Learning

Equine Facilitated Learning is the basis for your journey of self-discovery and transformation beginning with the horse teachers at Horse Spirit Connections!

FEEL is Equine Assisted Learning


Equine Assisted Learning is a heart-centred connection that creates new and profound insights. If you love horses, dream of horses or are simply drawn to the spirit of the Horse, come and experience this special human-horse bond.

The FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)® Approach will facilitate the reconnection of your heart and soul-inspiring healing and growth. It is a leading-edge modality that involves the horses’ willing participation as partners in assisting humans to discover their potential. Interacting on the ground with a horse is a unique time of discovery and reflection which raises consciousness for both humans and horses.

Engaging with horses allows you to create a relationship with a being who offers unconditional support and love without judgment.  These intimate ‘felt’ moments foster transformation and healing at a deep level, while connecting you to something greater.

With the horse you can experience:

Growing awareness

Expansion of your heart

Increased intuitive abilities

Enhanced vitality

The value of setting boundaries

Horses are one of the more powerful and majestic forms of prey animals in the natural world.  Their survival is dependent upon their sensitive observational skills and compelling intuitive responses to their environment. Their advanced ability to communicate can take you straight to the heart of the matter, to the things we don’t acknowledge even to ourselves.

Often times a person steps into the engagement and the horse turns comes over and immediately puts his nose to a very particular part of that person – the exact part that is wounded.  Horses pick up everything from a broken heart to an injured knee.  Thanks to a strong empathic nature, they are able to immediately sense how you are feeling.  Horses read the slightest gestures of your body language and are able to sense both your conscious and subconscious energy states.  It is always your inner state the horse will respond to – your authentic self.

By attuning to your energy and paying attention to your emotional state and body language, horses actually listen to you at a much deeper and profound level.  This resonance creates a palpable sense of unity between one being to another. Horses have a gentle way of bringing unconscious feelings to the surface and creating a safe place for you to release them.

With the specially designed FEEL activities you can deepen your awareness of personal issues, core feelings and areas of bodily tension that inhibit your ability to reach your true potential.  These horse interactions help you recognize and move beyond familiar coping strategies to accessing your own inner wisdom.

Looking deep into a horse’s eye, lets you touch your soul. Discover the magic of who you are through the wisdom of the horse.

Equine Facilitated Learning Program
Horse Spirit Connections
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