FEEL Certification Training

Changing Lives Through the Wisdom of Horses

Attain Your Dreams of a Fulfilling Career with Horses with FEEL Certification

The FEEL Certification program is not just a training program, it leads you to an inspirational career bringing profound change to people’s lives.

Tools For Success!

Knowledge and Experience

Certified Training Program established 2008

Over 30 graduating classes

Locations: Ontario, British Columbia, Sweden, and Quebec

Comprehensive Education

Onsite training for 17 days

Three sessions over six months

Small class size – 8 people

Relationship with Horses

Learn the language of Horse

Discover how horses help people as teachers

Deepen spiritual connection with horses

Profitable Business

Leadership training and development

Business skills from professional entrepreneurs

Training and support in marketing a successful FEEL Practice

Support After Graduation

Free LIFETIME mentoring from Wendy & Andre

Owners of an internationally recognized Marketing Agency


FEEL Alumni Association

Private and public websites, marketing support

Annual FEEL Conference

Horse Spirit Connections

Horse Spirit Connections is a successful not for profit corporation and founded the FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)® Certification Program in 2008. Horse Spirit Connections has a successful history of certifying individuals from Canada, the United States and abroad with over 200 Graduates.

We have offered life-changing programs for people of all ages and walks of life since 2005.  We are inspired constantly by the incredible transformations in people, continuously witnessing the profound connections they make with our wise partners and teachers – the horses.

The FEEL Approach

The FEEL Approach is promoting transformation and personal growth for humans through the wisdom of the horse.

FEEL is a unique collaboration between horses and humans where the horse is a sentient teacher and plays a leading role in guiding transformational journeys of healing, personal growth, and spiritual connection. The power of the horse’s presence, sensitivity, and intuition is magnified by the horse’s conscious choice to partner freely with the FEEL Practitioner in facilitating a process of self-discovery and powerful life changes for the person.  At the heart of the FEEL Approach are structured experiential interactions with the horses that help people come home to their authentic self.

Who Can Benefit?

This comprehensive FEEL Certification training program is suitable for coaches, educators, mental health professionals, equine specialists, wellness practitioners, and other individuals who are looking for practical training and experience in developing FEEL programs in the expanding field of equine-guided healing.

Participants of the FEEL Certification program discover their unique gifts and innate talents as they find their niche in this emerging field. This heart-centred approach helps people develop a deep inner connection with horses and themselves.

Equine Therapy Certification Program

The FEEL Certification program will help prepare participants to facilitate horse activities in a way that optimizes the abilities, emotional well-being, and empowerment of both the horse and the human. We are dedicated to your success. All graduates receive FREE ongoing mentoring if requested, in all aspects of a successful FEEL practice following their conclusion of the program: from business advice to curriculum assistance.

At the first Annual FEEL Conference, the decision was unanimous to form an association where all graduates are invited to join and have a forum to share successes, learning’s, and insights. The FEEL Alumni has a private website just for our graduates as an open forum for FEEL Graduates. Visit www.FEELAlumni.com as the public face of the FEEL Practitioners and an invaluable marketing tool.

The FEEL Alumni has sponsored and organized a yearly FEEL Conference since 2011.  It is a great opportunity for the community to come together for learning and sharing.

One of the many committees, the FEEL Alumni Marketing Committee is responsible for the development of generic FEEL brochures, a FEEL newspaper tabloid, the ‘Healing with Horses’ Book, a FEEL Video and FEEL Video clips for support of each member.

Ontario Campus

At Horse Spirit Connections
Founder of the FEEL Approach
Ontario, Canada

FEEL Training Program
Fall 2021 – Includes all three on-site sessions
with founder Andre Leclipteux and Janis Mirynech FEEL trainer

November 2 to 6, 2022
February 28 to March 5, 2023
May 24 to 29, 2023

Dates with Andre and Victoria

TBD, 2022

Contact: Andre Leclipteux
416 520 6276
Email: andre@HorseSpiritConnections.com

NEW Simcoe Campus, at Navigate Life Positively
Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

FEEL Training Program
With Janis Mirynech
FEEL Trainer and Advanced FEEL Practitioner
Includes all three on-site sessions

April 6 to 10, 2022
June 21 to 26, 2022
October 19 to 24, 2022

Contact: Janis Mirynech
905 327 1927
Email: janis.mirynech@gmail.com

British Columbia Campus

At Mystic Water Ranch
Langley, British Columbia, Canada

FEEL Training Program
With Brenda Brown
FEEL Trainer and Advanced FEEL Practitioner
Includes all three on-site sessions

April 20 to 24, 2022
June 8 to June 13, 2022
September 21 to 26, 2022

Contact Brenda Brown
604 788 7524
Email: bmorhealthy@gmail.com

Sweden Campus

At The Horse Call
Stall Lagbo, Ostervala, Uppsala Lan

FEEL Training Program (in Swedish)
With Mia Holm certified FEEL Trainer and Advanced FEEL Practitioner

October 20 to 24, 2021
January 19 to 24, 2022
April 20 to 25, 2022

Contact +46 (0)70 770 07 55


The FEEL Certification program is not just a training program, it leads you on a personal journey of growth and healing.

$6950. plus HST

Installment Plans available.
We offer an easy to pay alternative over the six month program.

The Program fee includes all training, mentoring support, course materials and binder, snacks, refreshments, and lunches.

Are You Ready?

The goal of the FEEL Approach is about FEELing the experience of the majestic horse that whispers to us about our ability to communicate with others effectively, listen to ourselves authentically and grow exponentially. We offer you a new way of being with yourself, others and horses.

We’re excited to share this with you…

For further details
contact Andre at 416 520 6276
or email andre@HorseSpiritConnections.com

Prerequisites for FEEL Certification Training:

  • Horse experience: Riding skills are not necessary however the candidate is confident moving and being around horses. Participants should own their own horse(s) or have access to a horse in order to practice throughout the training period.
  • Want to Help People
  • Attendance: where possible, we strongly recommend applicants attend a FEEL session or workshop conducted by Horse Spirit Connections or one of our FEEL Practitioners.

The Horse – Fresh Insights

  • The nature of horses
  • Horse communication
  • Understanding herd behaviour
  • Wellness of the horse – physical, emotional and spiritual
  • Safety considerations
  • Assisting horses to develop necessary skills
  • Creating an effective herd
  • Conducive facilities

The Horse as Your Partner

  • The art and dance of relationship
  • Reading the horse’s feedback
  • Fostering spiritual connection
  • Empowering horses
  • Experiencing the horse as teacher and guide
  • Creating moments of connection

Intuitive Insight

  • Learning to reawaken your intuition
  • Exploring and listening to gut’ feelings
  • Understanding the dynamics of energy
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Understanding and holding intention

Spiritual Connection

  • Deepening the horse/human connection
  • Honouring the spirit and voice of the horse
  • Fostering spiritual connection with the horses
  • Expanding consciousness through Shamanic tools
  • Awakening a deeper sense of personal purpose

Personal Growth

  • Expanded self confidence
  • Heart based leadership
  • Authentic expression and self-realization
  • Acquire emotional agility
  • Increased observational abilities
  • Deeper listening skills

Facilitation Skills

  • Create and hold a safe container for learning, sharing, and healing
  • Learn effective facilitation skills for all equine interactions
  • Refine your feedback skills
  • Work with group dynamics
  • Facilitate private sessions
  • Run a FEEL workshop
  • Understand ethical practices
  • Differentiate between EFL (Equine Facilitated Learning) and EFP (Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy)
  • Understand diverse learning styles
  • Enhance experiences with expressive art activities

Horse Based Activities

  • Learning theories and practices relevant to FEEL
  • Honing communication skills to create an effective session
  • Developing individual skills and competency
  • Co-creating the dance between the horse, client and facilitator
  • Knowing when to choose what exercise
  • Designing program curriculums


Business Development

  • Marketing know-how specific to FEEL
  • Entrepreneurial guidance
  • Designing a business plan just right for you
  • Embodying your vision
  • Program design and implementation

Andre Leclipteux is co-founder of Horse Spirit Connections, an Epona trained Co-Facilitator, Shamanic Practitioner/Coach and past owner of a International Marketing Agency.

Janis Mirynech is a director of Horse Spirit Connections and sits on the Horse Spirit Connections Advisory Board. Along with her extensive marketing experience she is one of our first graduates of the FEEL Certification program. She is a FEEL Trainer and Advanced FEEL Practitioner.

Victoria Poe, B.Ed., MSW is EAGALA certified, career counselor, former therapeutic riding instructor, and an accomplished Educator and Business consultant. She sits on the Horse Spirit Connections Advisory Board, FEEL Trainer and Advanced FEEL Practitioner.

Wilma de Zeeuw, M.A. RP is a Registered Psychotherapist, Life Coach, and certified FEEL Practitioner.

Kathleen Barry Ingram, MA, is a Tucson-based Life Coach and Counselor, and Co-founder of the Epona Apprenticeship Program with Linda Kohanov.

The FEEL Alumni is a membership based association of FEEL graduates who come together to foster the partnership and spiritual connection with horses.

Visit Feel Alumni

Explore our journey of creating a community of people and horses in this episode of The Courage Herd's podcast featuring our own Wendy Golding.

Listen to the Episode

My experience with the FEEL program was and is life altering in the most profound ways. Horse Spirit Connections (both the people and the horses) are not only pioneers in the field of equine assisted learning, their FEEL program continues to forge new ground and push the leading edge of this important work. The herd are incredibly dedicated and conscious teachers, continuously giving to all who engage. Wendy, Andre, and the FEEL facilitators are impeccable with their word, actions and care for every individual who enters the program. I am so excited to continue the FEEL journey with the FEEL Alumni!

Tina Turner

The FEEL training at Horse Spirit Connections was life changing. Wendy and Andre are impeccable facilitators and not only pass on tremendous knowledge and wisdom, but also hold space for remarkable self-discovery. The herd was a blessing to work with and offered feedback that opened me back up to my authentic self. The FEEL Approach has taught me new ways of connecting with others and my relationships with the horses, and people in my life have all changed for the better. The learning environment safely pushed me to edges that needed travelling and made the vulnerability of being there, with myself, possible. I leave having returned home to my true self and I cannot wait to share the FEEL Approach with others!

Emma Hicks

Such a transformational experience! This FEEL training has given framework to my hope and dreams, allowed them to surface, and given me self-permission to pursue them. It is so gratifying to think of the wonderful possibilities in my future.

Alison Sitteck

The instructors at Horse Spirit Connections create such a wonderful space to learn the FEEL work. From the honouring of their facility in ceremony, to the care of the horses as our teachers, and the empathy for all who pass through; every detail is considered, respected, honoured, and created . In this way there is safety for mind, body, and spirit. A space of learning, allowing the flow of energy.

Faye Rose

FEEL has completely changed things for me, in the best ways possible. I have learned to be with the horses in a totally new way and I couldn’t imagine any other way. My relationship with my horse and my mother have grown in ways I could never thought possible. I feel as though I was meant to go down this path and take this program to become a FEEL Practitioner because there is nothing I would rather do. I am so thankful and grateful for the guidance and support of Wendy, Andre, Tori, and all the lovely horses at Horse Spirit Connections.

Jenna Sittek

Dear Wendy, Andre, Tori, Jody and the horse teachers. From the first moment I looked into the eyes of a horse; I knew that no matter how my path winded and wavered, one day I would stand with them. I searched and explored so many ways of being with horses but it wasn’t until I arrived on your farm in 2012 that I finally found my connection. You have supported, encouraged and guided my greatest hopes and dreams of sharing life with horses in an authentic heart connection. Every single horse that has arrived on my farm is a representation of another part of this incredible journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. Words truly cannot describe the magic I have experienced with horses and people on the path to becoming a FEEL practitioner. Today, my herd and I spread our wings and fly like butterflies, ready to share our gifts with others. From our whole hearts, thank you for providing us with the safe cocoon to grow and transform. Now, we are ready to fly!

Fotini Walton


FEEL Training Program

Starts November 2, 2022 Enroll Today!

Horse Spirit Connections
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