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Empower your life by partnering with horses.

Since the dawn of our civilization, horses have been a mystical presence in our lives. Watching horses gallop across a field pulls you into the bountiful possibilities of your life. They embody incredible freedom of spirit and invite us to share a life-long journey of discovery. This is YOUR invitation to explore the greatest possibilities for your highest evolution together with the awe-inspiring horses through FEEL Certification.

At Horse Spirit Connections we have offered life-changing programs for people of all ages and walks of life since 2005. We are inspired constantly by the incredible transformations in people, continuously witnessing the profound connections they make with our wise partners and teachers – the horses.

We offer a heart-centred approach for those people called to learn more about developing a deep inner connection with horses and themselves.

To find dates and locations for the FEEL Certification program, please visit our FEEL Certification Training page.

If you would like to hear some stories and experiences shared by practitioners please visit our YouTube channel.

The FEEL Alumni is a membership based association of FEEL graduates who come together to foster the partnership and spiritual connection with horses.

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Explore our journey of creating a community of people and horses in this episode of The Courage Herd's podcast featuring our own Wendy Golding.

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I arrived raw and nervous, unsure of what I would discover. What I found was comfort, safety and acceptance to explore my feelings and find what I needed to move forwards on my path.

Lorie T., Newmarket, ON


FEEL Training Program

Starts November 2, 2022 Enroll Today!

Horse Spirit Connections
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