Horsepower for Youth (18+)

Changing bodies…Yearning for acceptance and love…Peer pressure…The unknown future AND the deeper questions: Who am I? Where do I belong? Our Youth is under considerable pressure in this modern society.

The promise of connection is that we will be understood, be known, be accepted, be appreciated and ultimately be loved for who we truly are. It means being oneself and yet being a part of something bigger than one single self.

Amy Racina

Horse Spirit Connections offers personal development sessions for youth that promote growth through FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)®. Engaging with horses allows young people to experience a pure, authentic relationship where they feel safe exploring ‘relationship’ with a horse who offers unconditional support and love without judgment. This starts the process of trusting self and others.

Horses are valuable teachers as they connect us to the natural world, to compassion, to love, and to honesty.  Because they are prey animals in the wild, their survival depends on being highly attuned to the energy of their surroundings.  This natural instinct makes the horse a powerful, direct, non-verbal and non-judgmental guide – one the youth respect.

Our country setting removes urban distractions and simplifies options for young adults to gain new insights and new ways of interacting with themselves and others.

Interacting with a big intimidating animal provides a means for them to confront fear and gain more courage and confidence.  More importantly, it removes young adults from their ‘comfort zone’ and requires honest communication in their interaction with the horses.

As horses are responsive to human emotions and actions, they will immediately sense and respond to someone’s emotions and behaviours.  Horses are honest and never lie.  For example, a frustrated adolescent can cause the horse they are interacting with to become equally frustrated.  The horse will act out the frustration they are sensing. If the adolescent acknowledges the feeling the horse will change its behaviour.  Our young people learn the importance of being ‘real’.

With FEEL young people will:

  • Increase self-confidence
  • Uncover personal issues
  • Practice setting boundaries
  • Trust intuitive knowing
  • Learn emotions are information
  • Improve communication skills
  • Deepen trust and respect for self & others
  • Develop leadership qualities

Learning to embody horse sense helps young adults face their personal life with confidence and improved decision-making abilities. With this new knowledge, they can begin to see themselves and the world in new ways helping them self-regulate and develop rapport

Feedback from Youth at Risk:

  • Horses are animals that make me feel grounded and safe.
  • I felt ‘real’.
  • I am powerful – I just need to allow myself to be and not get caught in others’ expectations of me – to just be
  • I learned how important it is to communicate and make connections with people.
  • I need to speak my mind. I’m so unsure of myself so I never speak up. But turns out, when I share, people can relate and want to listen.
  • Thanks to the horse’s help I learned that often I do what I think others would approve of or see as proper instead of what I really want to do.

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Over the years we have worked with many organizations to help our vulnerable youth such as the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, Trails Youth Initiative, New Path and the Wellbeing Institute

Remarks from our partners:

My students and I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting Horse Spirit Connections.  I work with at-risk students in an alternative education program and have taken students for a full day session for the last 2 years.  Those who have graduated from my program point out how important this experience was and how peaceful they felt when they connected with the horses.  One of my students stated: “The horses are special powerful beings and I felt ‘real’ after my encounter with the horses – they are true teachers.”  I would encourage any teacher or counselor to visit Horse Spirit Connections with their students so they too can experience the spiritual journey with these wonderful horses.

Dermot McMahon, Secondary Teacher Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board

We have had residential clients involved in group and individual sessions at HSC’s scenic Tottenham site.   Horse Spirit Connections is a non profit organization that provides unique programming that engages clients on physical, mental and emotional levels.  This does not involve horseback riding, but instead applies an innovative approach to self development through communication with the horses.

The residential clients were initially skeptical , but quickly learned to respect, trust and learn how to interpret the responses of the horses.  It really has been an amazing experience.   We have had residential staff and Therapists join in sessions and they invariably come back feeling moved by the experience.  In fact, a couple of our clients who have tended to struggle in conventional therapy sessions have used their Horse Spirit Connections to enhance the work done with their Therapists.  Our partnership with HSC has been a great experience for all involved.

Gord Bain, Residential Program Manager, New Path


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