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The power, beauty and spirit of horses capture our imagination!

Who hasn’t yearned for the sweeping freedom horses inspire, and to bring that feeling of ancient knowing into our lives.

Interacting with these magnificent animals can be immensely therapeutic physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – helping you reawaken long-forgotten abilities that are capable of healing the imbalances of modern life.

Horse Spirit Connections is a place of discovery and reflection within the sacred realm of Nature. The connections between horses and people are composed of multiple layers- the deepest of which are non-verbal and touch the very heart of the human spirit. It is that part of our self that restores our wonder at the world and awakens our belief in magic, dreams, and possibilities.

Horse Spirit Connections is a not-for-profit corporation where we provide opportunities for you to expand your capacity for self-awareness. By developing a feeling of trust in your body and mind, this strengthens your ability to interact successfully with others.

We bring you together with horses in a fun, safe and unique experience. Most of the exercises are done on the ground and no previous horse experience is necessary.

FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)® is an innovative approach to self-development and growth. Horses have a strong, natural desire to be of service and interact with people. Given that horses are teachers and healers, they possess a keen, highly perceptive intuition that helps us close the gap between how we actually present ourselves to others and how we think we are being.

FEEL engages people by offering them the opportunity to fully participate with their mind, body and spirit. These experiential interactions with the horses provide profound and long-lasting memories facilitating permanent change. Learn more about our fully certified equine therapy program.

Equine Therapy Courses

I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand
An Experiential Approach

Author unknown
Equine Therapy Programs


FEEL Training Program

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Horse Spirit Connections
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