Partners in Connection

For FEEL Certified Practitioners and their Partners

Many FEEL Practitioners have expressed the desire for a training program that would support their Partners or co-facilitators as they bring this exciting work with the horses into the world. Partners can include your life partner, your business partner, or a family member.

The individuals applying for this program are interested in working with graduate FEEL Practitioners and want to obtain more personal knowledge of the concepts and activities supporting the FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)® program.

The first session of three days will focus on work with the Partners only and will include learning the core principles and facilitating the core elements. The second session of two days will include one day with their FEEL Certified Practitioner providing support for the co-creation of an effective partnership.

Workshop details

Session Dates:
May 28 – 30, 2021 for partner
July 17 – 18, 2021 for partner and FEEL Practitioner.

Total Price: $2250 plus HST for a total of $2,542.50

Includes the Partner Fee: $1900 and FEEL Certified Practitioner Fee $350
Non- refundable deposit $500

Program Hours 9:30 – 5:30

Conference Calls are included between sessions

In addition, both Partner and FEEL Practitioner will receive customized mentoring in their ongoing partnership.

Enrollment limited to 4 partners

Please register by emailing
or calling 416 520 6276.

The FEEL Alumni is a membership based association of FEEL graduates who come together to foster the partnership and spiritual connection with horses.

Visit Feel Alumni

Explore our journey of creating a community of people and horses in this episode of The Courage Herd's podcast featuring our own Wendy Golding.

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‘Partners in Connection’ will learn self-awareness, how to be in authentic community, the art of facilitation, collaborating skills, and how to be in connection with horses.

Together with the horses, we are offering this program to interested FEEL Practitioners and their working Partners for the development, refinement and implementation of a successful FEEL business.

“It is truly confidence building to have a co-facilitator that cares enough to take this program. The knowledge and learning we received will go a long way to help us bring the wisdom of the horses to others.”

Susan Allan, Almonte, Ontario FEEL Facilitator

It was a remarkable experience to see, feel and hear my co-partner step into a leadership role partnering with the horses – she inspired me to a higher lever of partner connection.

Jody Raven, Bancroft, Ontario FEEL Facilitator

An amazing experience! I feel it has opened up a multiple of opportunities.

Kristin Brophy, Bancroft, Ontario Partner

Taking the FEEL Partners Program strengthened our partnership and helped us to move forward with the FEEL work.

Shelly Gvozdanovic, Kinburn, Ontario Partner


FEEL Training Program

Starts November 2, 2022 Enroll Today!

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