Britt-Marie Gyllensvaan

Gränna, Sweden

Wherever Britt-Marie goes, animals follow.  She grew up in a small village in Sweden and, at that time, dogs and cats roamed free.  They all knew that her house was a place where there would be an extra meal along with lots of love and attention.  Britt-Marie knew that when she grew up she wanted to be a veterinarian or work in some field that involved animals.

When Britt-Marie was six years old she started riding school and at the age of nine she got her first horse.  From that moment on, horses would always be a part of her life in one way or another.

As Britt-Marie’s love of animals grew, so did her love and respect for the land.  This began to play a larger role in her life.  Her career working with IT education and data-based quality systems for food suppliers and restaurants was fulfilling but life in the countryside kept calling.  Her heart yearned to be back in nature and her horses wanted to share the beautiful environment with other people.

Britt-Marie and her husband settled in a small farm near the lake Vättern that became home.  A beautiful and serene place situated between the mountains and the big lake, it has become the home of many dogs, cats, hens, sheep, and of course, horses!  As part of an ecologically based program in Sweden,  Britt-Marie worked with Grön Arena which is nature supported rehabilitation.  Farm life with her animals was pure heaven – and then the horses asked for more!

David, a ‘tinker horse’, had been showing Britt-Marie that he was a great healer, and so together they decided to start a new journey into horse-human relationships with the horses as teachers.  Britt-Marie enrolled in a six-month training program in Sweden with FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) ®.  This work brings horses and humans together in a new way, creating healing relationships for both. Britt-Marie felt that this was the perfect complement to her other work on the farm.

Today you can find Britt-Marie and her herd offering FEEL sessions for people who are looking to connect more deeply to themselves and nature.  She combines FEEL and the wisdom of the horses with her own life experience learnings to help others learn how to receive guidance from their own true selves.  When Britt-Marie isn’t with her horses she is very engaged in several environmental organizations, mainly with regard to drinking water issues. She has a great respect for animals and nature and, through her work she wants to contribute to a responsibility for our environment that underlies all life!

If the horses and nature are calling to you, Britt-Marie can be reached at  A new journey is waiting for you.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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