Emma Hicks

Toronto, Ontario

Emma is a FEEL certified practitioner as well as a registered psychotherapist and registered occupational therapist.

Emma’s journey with horses started as a child. They provided her with a sanctuary from her busy Toronto life. Reflecting back, Emma also realizes that it was horses that cultivated an important set of gifts in her that would have otherwise been ignored in the school system; her empathy, intuition and sensitivity. Emma worked and rode at an eventing farm through her teens and taught therapeutic horse back riding in her early twenties. Emma is now partnering with horses to provide self discovery and healing through the FEEL modality.

Emma credits the horses for steering her in the direction of psychotherapy. They taught her to listen, to feel and to hold space. Stepping into this role came naturally to her because the horses had given her the permission to further cultivate her sensitivity in a world that often numbs and dismisses. Emma works in the field of mental health providing psychotherapy at a large Toronto hospital. She has extensive experience working with people who have experienced trauma and she helps people lead more integrative lives by listening to the messages behind their emotions. She holds her level II emotion focused therapy as well as certificates in mindfulness, compassion focused therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy. She also has a part-time private psychotherapy practice where she integrates several therapeutic modalities to help clients develop a deeper understanding of themselves, cultivate more authentic connections with others and live more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

While she loves her field of psychotherapy, Emma also recognizes the need to add other experiential modalities to her role as a healer. She holds her level II reiki certificate as well as teaching yoga on a weekly basis, helping people come back into their bodies and learn to listen with increased sensitivity. Emma has interacted with several animals in the wild, including gorillas in Rwanda and dolphins in the Bahamas. Being able to connect with animals in this respectful and authentic way, where they have full choice to participate has been a magical part of her life. Emma found this same magic when participating in her first FEEL workshop in 2016. It felt like coming home for her. Not just coming home to a connection with horses which had been missing in her life for ten years, but coming home to her authentic self and soul.

Emma is now partnering with horses to bring this empowering work to others. She provides private FEEL sessions to people looking to rediscover themselves. For those wanting to pair FEEL work with traditional psychotherapy, she provides this combination of services as well. Emma’s psychotherapy practice is in downtown Toronto. She partners with the magnificent herd at Horse Spirit Connections near Tottenham, Ontario for her FEEL practice.

 Emma Hicks, MSc. OT Reg. (Ont.), RP, FEEL Practitioner


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