Jackie Ladouceur

Timmins ON, P4P 1H9
705 267 2587

Jackie developed a deep passion for horses from the first time she discovered them as a young girl in Butte, Montana , the heart of the wild west and home to wild horse herds. Besides spending as much time as she could riding horses in the foothills of the Rockies and the occasional donkey ride, she always knew she would spend her life with horses. Through the challenging teen age years, her horses proved to be invaluable and supportive partners. Not only did they provide a container of support and compassion, and a place of solitude for a teenage girl, they inspired in her a great deal of self -esteem, confidence and a sense of purpose in life. Along with the countless hours of grooming and years of learning about horses in the Canadian Pony Club, she spent time as a dedicated competitor on the Hunter and Dressage circuits. She continues to be an avid supporter in the Dressage discipline and is passionate and dedicated to the field of Equine Experiential Learning.

Spending 16 years as a Registered Veterinary Technician she is also passionate about helping and healing animals and in helping to better the world for horses and humans. As a Primary Care Paramedic she has a clear understanding of the need for good mental and physical health, healthy relationships, personal development and in having a passionate direction in life. As an advocate of education and learning she continued on to become a Certified Stress and Wellness Consultant with the Canadian Institute of Stress. As a consultant, she felt an intense desire to direct herself away from telling people how to manage their lives and towards giving people the opportunity to create their own lives. This eventually led her to Erickson College in Vancouver where she graduated as an Erickson Certified Life Coach. As an avid believer and supporter of Life Coaching and through being coached, she experienced many transformational shifts and awakenings in her life. It became very clear to her that horses were her passion and that she would follow her life long dream of finding a way to help others through a partnership with horses. With Global mining company Rio Tinto, she spent several years in the challenging leadership role of moving the culture towards an active caring workplace. As the Sustainable Safety and Health Culture leader, she achieved great success in changing the dynamics of the workplace culture through Behavioral and People Based Safety, Organizational Effectiveness and Team Process training.

Through years of searching and exploring the right opportunities to work with horses, her life passion has now become her reality. Releasing all expectations and holding faith that the right opportunities and the right people would appear at the right time, she is in awe of the unfolding of events that has led her on her authentic life path. In 2010, the opportunity to work with Wendy Golding, an Epona Instructor at Horse Spirit Connections, presented itself. She continued on to study with Wendy and in May 2011, she successfully achieved her certification as a Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning Facilitator. She is the founder of Fields of Wisdom, an organization dedicated to transforming the lives of people through horses. The Fields of Wisdom herd is complete and the horses are enjoying their roles as teachers. Jackie’s respectful partnership with her horses, creates a supportive and heart centered relationship in which she is grateful to be in receipt of their amazing and authentic horse wisdom on a daily basis.


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