Janice de Ville

Advanced FEEL Certification
Boulder, CO 80301 USA

Jan de Ville has had a very special love of horses for as long as she can remember. By the time she was five, her aunt had enrolled her in riding lessons, and at age 10, she got her first pony!  Born and raised in Washington state, Jan’s connection with horses continued to deepen as she was growing up, that is, until family life and raising children eventually intervened, causing her to sell her horse, and altering her focus, for a time, to something besides horses.  

By the time Jan finally acquired another horse (named Beau), she was in her thirties. It was during this time, the early 1980s, that Jan rode in the Equestrian Circuit, showing in the hunter-jumpers category for several years, along with her daughter, Chris. Jan had a dream of someday winning the Adult Amateur Championship with her horse. More important to her than competing and winning, however – Jan desired the experience of incredible oneness and connection that can occur with a horse. Both dreams, of winning, and of sublime connection with a horse, came true at a show in Canada, where Jan rode as one with Beau over each jump, taking the Adult Amateur Championship!

A number of years after that event, Jan faced a series of trials and tribulations that led her down a deep spiritual path through which she was ultimately healed of a debilitating illness, using Reiki and other natural remedies.  During those years, Jan had a re-awakening to her authentic self, and connected again to her deep passion for horses.

Following the prompting of her heart, in 1987 she received a certificate in theWarriors of the Heart training, a training in conflict resolution, with Danaan Perry, the program’s creator. In the late eighties and early nineties, Jan’s love of nature and all life drew her to the teaching of the Essenes, and into a ministerial program based in Seattle Washington. While studying for her ministry, Jan relocated to her current place of residence, Boulder, Colorado, where she became very involved with the local spiritual/metaphysical community and in particular, the Dances of Universal Peace. In 1996, she completed her study for the ministry, and was ordained as a non-denominational minister with the Essene Healing Ministries of the Sevenfold Peace. And in 2002, she was certified to be a dance leader for the Dances of Universal Peace. For 20 + years, Jan has practiced as a wedding officiant, a Reiki II practitioner, a spiritual counselor, and has also received certification in dispute resolution through the Colorado Dispute Resolution (CDR) program. Since becoming a Boulder resident, she has maintained a close relationship with spiritual community in general, as well as an association with Unity Church of Boulder, a non denominational church where practical Christianity is both taught and lived. Jan has also taught classes on the Essenes at Boulder Unity Church.

During the late ‘90s and early 2000s, Jan continued her ministry but also supported herself by working within the corporate world. In September 2011, when Jan’s thirteen year career in the precious metals industry came to an unexpected end, Jan decided to follow her passion for horses, and in a sense, further her ministry by becoming certified as a FEEL (Facilitated, Equine Experiential Learning) facilitator at Horse Spirit Connections, near Toronto, Canada. Jan now combines her extensive background with horses and her certification as a FEEL facilitator with an understanding of both the corporate and spiritual/metaphysical communities. But now, as a kind of modern day “equine communicator cum minister cum healer,” Jan uniquely supports individuals in healing and growth, with the horses as teacher.

Jan has a commitment to life, and to supporting people’s growth and healing, accompanied by the desire to help horses be respected and honored for the gift they bring to the world. Jan’s innate spiritual connection with the horses, her deep love for being of service, and her certification as a FEEL facilitator allow her to work with the horses to assist in creating situations of balance in peoples lives. Jan has a great ability to see both sides of an issue, and to hold a safe space for healing to occur; she is intuitive, compassionate and caring, and wants to empower others to connect to their authentic selves, utilizing ‘the way of the horse’ as teacher.

For now, her “little black horse with the great big heart,” Ace (who possesses the willingness, the heart, and the “horse-sense” to be a teacher and healer to others), is Jan’s biggest teacher and healer.


FEEL Training Program

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