Jocelyn Grey

Elginbrug, ON, K0H 1M0

Jocelyn’s care and compassion for people has guided her into community work and most recently as a facilitator in Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL).  With 20 years of administrative experience Jocelyn has served in a variety of roles working first with the CNIB, Ministry of Environment then Ministry of Transportation before changing careers into community work.  After attending community college and receiving honors in the Practical Nursing program, Jocelyn went on to serve with the VON as a Palliative Care and Visiting Nurse.

Jocelyn’s compassionate ways lead her to volunteer with the Kingston Psychiatric Hospital for approximately two years where she worked closely with residents as well as served on the Volunteer Executive.  Moreover, Jocelyn completed courses in Geriatrics enhancing her work with the elderly in a local nursing home as well as in a clinical setting.  Currently, working towards her Reiki Master certification, she has level 1 as Reiki practitioner in addition to her Level III Therapeutic Touch.

Also, to her credit Jocelyn wrote a personal story from the heart about her trip to Banff, Alberta.  She fell in love with the horse she rode for six days in the mountains and ended up bringing him home into Ontario.   She submitted the story entitled “A Trail Horse Love Story” published in Horse Canada Magazine.

Jocelyn’s life long experience of loving and just being with horses began when she was 4 years old and her father bought their first pony. As a child, Jocelyn spent many spring and summer days in the pasture with newly born foals doing what she now knows as “Wu Wei” — the art of doing nothing.  Jocelyn shared her interest in ponies with her father, did some showing in the local fall fairs and later was given a full sized horse to ride.  When she grew up and left home she also left the horses always feeling a void within her and a calling to go back.

Twenty-eight years ago Jocelyn returned to the horses.  Thrilled to be present for the birth of her brand new Arabian filly she bought a place in the country where she could have her horse with her.  She then welcomed her second Arabian , a colt, three years later.  Jocelyn lives in Elginburg, Ontario with her two Arabs and one Tennessee Walker.  Jocelyn’s love for her animals and all living creatures has taken her down the path of the wisdom of the horses.  Allowing her horses to work at liberty and to be her co-facilitators has greatly enhanced the self-awareness that her clients have experienced.

Jocelyn is a Certified FEEL Facilitator and welcomes anyone who wishes to experience a life changing experience interacting with horses as wise teachers and healers.


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