Katie (Ekaterina) Silkina

954408 7 Line E
Orangeville, ON, L9W 2Z2.

phone: (416) 721-5074
email: ekatsilkina@gmail.com

Katie’s connection with the animal kingdom started at an early age of 0. Right after being born, she was quickly accepted into the house by the family’s vicious Doberman who decided she was raising her as one of her own. Choosing to sleep with dogs instead of people, Katie knew early on that she would have a life filled with the four-legged. 

At the early age of 17, Katie showcased her leadership colours by accepting a quick promotion to middle management at a fast-food chain. Finding herself a natural in customer service, Katie decided to attend George Brown’s Hotel Management program. Graduating 16 months later with Honours and a secure job in a major hotel chain, Katie was well on her way to a great career as a people pleaser. Spending a short time realizing the hotel world is not for her, Katie’s sights turned to technology. Working her way through the startup ladder, Katie was quickly promoted to Supervisor and shortly after to a Manager of a brand new team that she was to help build from the ground up. Leading people into the unknown sparked a new passion in her – developing people beyond the scope of what they think they are capable of – supporting them on the journey and creating space for their new realities. Management evolved into leadership, and the new spark blew up into a tornado. Helping lead the company through a customer-centred approach in all departments, evolving leaders, and managing teams and projects was an all-consuming and quite addictive endeavour. But the picture was not quite right…

Through an emotional life change in 2018, Katie was reminded of her childhood wonder of horses. Deciding to take her one day off a week to work on a horse farm and learn what the barn life is all about, Katie finally found herself in the incredible world of equines. Leaving her career in tech in 2019 with very little experience in horse care, she found a full-time job at a barn, enrolled in Guelph’s Equine Studies program, and began her journey with FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) – her heart’s calling. 

Having graduated from the FEEL program in 2020 and continuing her studies at Guelph, Katie’s undying passion for horse and human welfare drives her vision forward. Having been welcomed into the herd, she also continues her studies into the language of horses and what they truly need from us to exist in harmony. 

Horse Talks – Katie’s Equine Experiential Learning business creates space for the two and the four-legged to connect, grow, and evolve together. Katie specializes in building emotional intelligence with her clients, providing a safe space for everyone to be their authentic selves, and creating memorable horse-human bonds that liberate both the equine and the human participant to achieve their sense of freedom. 

If you would like to schedule a session with Katie, contact her: 


(416) 721 – 5074. 


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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