Leigh Hodgins

Maple Ridge, BC

Leigh Hodgins’ love and passion for horses was kindled when she was five years old. Her Dad took her to visit a friend’s ponies and from that day forward, horses were a part of her life. If she wasn’t dreaming of horses, she was drawing them, riding or collecting them.
During her teens, Leigh rode a friend’s donkey – Jack and later a horse – Kaiser. It didn’t matter that Jack didn’t like to go fast or that Kaiser was difficult to ride, fickle and shying at most things. Horses were her passion as there was no other feeling like being out for a ride on a lovely summer day.

As an adult, Leigh’s passion for animals continued. While her career took her into the corporate world, her home was on acreage with a donkey, dogs and the horses she adopted over the years. Leigh honed her business skills, first in law firms, then as an Assistant Corporate Secretary for an energy company and finally for a governance consulting business. In 2007, while working at the energy company she went back to school and obtained a B.A. Integrated Liberal Arts and Business Studies Program (General Business Studies) from Simon Fraser University.

Over the years, there were some major personal changes in her life and Leigh gradually retreated into herself. Struggling to work through her emotional pain, she withdrew from social interactions, friends and family, and shutting down her emotions. It wasn’t until she started spending more time with her horses that Leigh became grounded and started to ‘feel’ life again, with renewed mental and physical energy. Leigh recognized that something had shifted through her time with the horses. She had more empathy for people and became more social and outgoing.

It was when the energy company was downsizing that Leigh made the move to a governance consulting firm. After a year, Leigh decided to take some time off work to help with some family matters. During this time she came across the program to train to become a facilitator in FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)®. Something about this program spoke to Leigh – an opportunity to bring her passion for horses and donkeys together to help people live their best life. Having experienced the healing wisdom of the horses herself, Leigh felt the call to bring this gift to others. Becoming a FEEL Practitioner was a life-changing journey that allowed Leigh to partner with her horses and fully develop her intuitive skills and compassion.

In Leigh’s experience, every FEEL session is unique, connecting directly to each client’s needs. She works in partnership with her horses, Reba and Jack. They both enjoy their roles as teachers and provide amazing feedback to Leigh’s clients.

Leigh offers private FEEL sessions and workshops at her property in Maple Ridge, BC. To experience the magic of horse wisdom, or for more information, Leigh can be reached at 604.219.9301, Leigh@WillowSpiritPath.ca or www.WillowSpiritPath.ca.


FEEL Training Program

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