Lindzie Bouillet

Vancouver, BC

In every facet of my life, I’ve always felt drawn to the unconventional, and this heavily influences my style of counselling. I believe that everyone both heals and grows differently. Just as we are all unique, so are our journeys, and that is something to be celebrated.

My responsibility is to help you safely explore different therapeutic approaches until we find the option that provides you with the greatest comfort and healing. I believe in a safe and non-judgmental environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, heal, and connect.

Throughout my own life, I have often sought professional guidance for support and guidance. Although my path has been somewhat unconventional, I now apply the learnings of my colorful self-developmental journey towards my own practice. I realize our perception of our challenges plays a significant role in the outcome of these challenges, and that an outside perspective can be critical in shifting these perspectives. I believe you hold the answers. You do not have to struggle in silence. In my darkest times, there were days when the only thing that got me through was a little bit of empathy and support from my counselor and peers. There is untold value in the simple yet profound act of another human being understanding and listening to your struggles.

Throughout my experience as a life coach, wellness counselor, and certified FEEL (Facilitated equine experiential learning)® practitioner, I have often turned to nature and animals to recharge and reconnect. As a child, I was the little girl rehabilitating all of the critters that our cats decided to bring home as ‘gifts’. Whether it was scaled, feathered, or furry, I believed every creature deserved the same amount of love, care, and respect. I still live by this philosophy today, and continue to work and volunteer in animal rescue, rehabilitating abused and abandon street dogs from Mexico and in the past working with abandoned racetrack horses and helping them to trust again. Despite the intense trauma these animals have suffered, they maintain a will to survive and a desire to trust and love again. Their persistence has moved me, and I believe people and animals have a strong connection because of this resilience.

Three years ago, I developed a different kind of therapeutic relationship with a herd of six rescue horses. This herd, under the guidance of my mentor Brenda Brown at Mystic Waters Ranch, played a huge role in my own self-healing. This experience was so profound that I subsequently jumped at the opportunity to obtain certification and incorporate this equine partnership into my own practice. Horses provide an opportunity for self-reflection through clear, unbiased eyes.  They mirror how we see ourselves, not just with heightened objectivity but also with greater forgiveness. Horses and humans share a similar limbic system – the emotional center of the brain and a central contributor to the formation of new memories about past experiences. Simply just being in the presence of these sentient beings can have many therapeutic benefits.

I actively listen to my clients’ wants and needs, then work together with them to design a treatment plan that encourages support and success. I believe in a holistic approach that encompasses all of your unique qualities, empowering you to become the best version of yourself.


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