Louise Violette-Beaulieu

St-Leonard, NB, E7E 2N7

Louise Violette lately acquired a 110 acre beautiful property where she has developed a wonderful horse farm.  She FEELS this serene place is one where people can come with confidence that they will be well respected.  A place to come and discover your true self within your boundaries all of this with the company of the horse of course as for her,  these precious four legged friends offer a necessary support in personal growth.  She FEELS the human horse relation is one that is not to be underestimated.

At a very young age, Louise was drawn to farm animals and seemed to be able to relate to them in her own way. Later her mother introduced her to horses. The connection she felt with these wonderful majestic creatures never left her, always bringing her a feeling of comfort and belonging either by riding them or just being with them.  It is no coincidence she chose to undertake the FEEL certification program with Horse Spirit Connections.  In her strive to better help others with her empathic way of being and living life, with the belief that each and every one of us is here on earth for a great reason , she intuitively knew she needed to follow a path of self healing and discovery and firmly believes that the horses have a great way in working with the inside of a person.

Louise’s work has always been focused on helping people. After her studies in Mental Health in Cornwall, Ontario, she started her career as a mental health intervention worker among abused women, troubled youth, as well as physically and mentally challenged individuals.  Being a trauma survivor herself she is able to understand and support people from different life experiences and loves the work that horses do with the human race.   Having experienced herself the powerful outcome in working with these creatures she very easily believes in the powerful horse human bond .

 Louise is a certified massage therapist. Currently,  she uses massage therapy as a powerful tool to assist her clients in their struggles, be it physical, mental or emotional.   She set up her own practice in 2006 in her home province New Brunswick and has been very successful in establishing an ever growing faithful clientele.   As a certified massage therapist, she has mastered five different therapies: Swedish massage, hot stone therapy, rain drop, reflexology, polarity. She also is trained in accompanying the dying.

Being a graduate from the feel program, Louise is ready and excited to offer these services to help people with their leadership skills, emotional agility, self esteem, boundaries, respect and so much more.   With all her life and career experiences she is your go to person if you are looking for your path of self discovery.  Come join us for a wonderful adventure in learning all about your true self.


FEEL Training Program

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