Marie Demers

207, Rue Perry
Morin-Heights, QC J0R 1H0


After working in gastronomic restaurants for a few years as a young adult, Marie studied philosophy at University of Quebec in Montreal where she found a way to express and share her passion for existentialist questions and ideas. She always had a strong interest in the deep aspects of life. It is also at university that she had her first yoga session which completely changed her life! Through mindfulness movements, she had found a new way to feel peace, balance and clarity in her life. After practicing for a few years for her personal benefits and enjoyment, she engaged in yoga teacher training to deepen her journey into this millennium practice. She also has a certificate in meditation where she experienced not only finding peace within but also a way to access more intuition and insight about life. Along the years, Marie also volunteered for a few years doing helping relationships with women with sexual abuse. She discovered through this experience that she felt fulfiled being there for others in need and that she also had a natural ability to hold space and guide people inward for their own healing. 

Growing up as a child, Marie didn’t have access to any animals and her love for them stayed dormant for a lot of years. It is only at the age of 25 that she had her first relationship with a horse when she and her husband decided to move to the country to start their family in 2011. Marie’s husband grew up with horses in Swizterland so after only one mount of moving to their new house, they welcomed their first horse. At this moment in time, Marie had no idea whatsoever how to interact with horses. During the course of the years, her relationship with them evolved in a beautiful and surprising way. Living with those magnificent four-legged beings helped her reconnect with the depth of authentic connections with herself, the horses, and all relationships in life. She discovered the deep joy and peacefulness that horses, other animals and nature can bring to human beings. Since then, it became clear to her that her mission would be to share with humans the wisdom that interactions with horses can bring into one’s life. Marie graduated from her FEEL training in 2021.

Integrating all her practices in her personal life on a deep level and blending her diverse life experiences, Marie is now offering a session of her FEEL practice doing one on one with clients. She also offers a beautiful natural setting in Morin-Heights Quebec. She is dedicated to promoting this healthy way of living and a deep way of connecting with nature and animals.

Please contact her at 450-602-5727


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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