Marina Latto

569093 6th Sideroad
Ravenna, ON
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Marina Latto is a devoted and dedicated horsewoman, and has a passion for nature and wildlife. The day that sparked a lifelong passion was when she was enrolled in hunter/jumper riding lessons for her sixth birthday; it shortly became the fuel for Marina’s journey towards self discovery. At eight years old her parents got a divorce, but amongst all the change, horses and other animals remained commonplace, becoming a stable and important part of her childhood.

Despite the limited physical contact Marina had with horses at that age, usually only an hour or so a week, horses were always the centre of attention. Present in her dreams, in her imagination, in her heart and even on the wall paper in her room, it became clear the path that she would follow. Another large steppingstone for Marina was on her twelfth birthday when her mother connected her with a local ‘horse whisperer’ who helped to instigate Marina’s desire for a more complex yet meaningful way of being with horses. Since then Marina has experienced dressage barns, fox hunt barns and western barns. She has two mares and a colt. Fancy, an appendix quarter horse, Nitrous, a Canadian, and Valerio (Rio) Fancy’s only baby an Andalusian cross.

Marina is able to offer a multitude of traditional qualifications. She has achieved the silver level coach and trainer in both groundwork and riding skills of the Irwin method of horsemanship. However, she was never satisfied with the depth of her relationships with her horses. Upon reflection, she noticed that development of her horse Fancy had come to a standstill and nothing positive was developing with Nitrous. Nitrous has a magnificent presence and such a strong and thriving spirit, but with these characteristics, turned out to be a difficult horse to manage. Determined to find a better way of respecting and communicating with her horses she started researching the work of Cynthia Royal, Carolyn Resnick, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, and Linda Kohanov. Linda’s work eventually brought Marina to Horse Spirit Connections for a weekend workshop and then to enrol in their Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (F.E.E.L.) program. Her experiences there have changed and are continually changing her life and the lives of her horses. She no longer took baby steps in building her relationships with her horses but leaps and bounds. Marina now has a fantastic relationship with Nitrous. She has maintained her magnificence and spirit and helped Marina to find hers.

Now Marina and her horses help others on their own journey through life. They help others to interrupt that constant cycle of mental chatter with inner peace and clarity through the beauty of the horse-human connection.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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