Penny (Sumar) Alalouf

739 Sulfur Springs Rd, Dundas, ON L9H 5E3
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Penny Sumar — Co-Active Life Coach, Equine Facilitator and Founder of Soul of Mother As a Professional Co-Active Coach, an Equine Facilitator and a Leadership graduate at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), Penny combines her passion for horses with her courage and heart to inspire and support women on their journey of self-discovery. Whether it’s through one-on-one coaching, self-empowerment workshops or through the work with the horses, Penny’s mission is to bring women into awareness of their full potential and to overcome obstacles while stepping towards their heart’s desire.

Penny’s own journey began after her four children were in school. She realized that while she loved being a mom, along the way she had lost confidence in herself, and her own identity as a woman. Feelings of restlessness, resentment and guilt started to weave into her daily life.It was through the help of a coach that Penny finally found the courage to admit that being a mom was not enough. Her journey has led her to into the world with a mission to integrate her love of horses with her calling to help others.

Penny founded Soul of Mother grounded in a desire to encourage stay at home mothers to find fulfillment, balance and passion in their lives. She believes, that when mothers live their authentic lives, their children will also thrive. This conviction comes from personal experience.

Since then Penny has delivered coaching, mentoring, and training to help women rediscover themselves in safe, comfortable environments through speaking, workshops, group coaching, individual coaching, and equine experiential learning. She works with women to define and reach their goals, including:

  • Women who are feeling lost, lacking confidence, and yearning for fulfillment outside of their maternal roles
  • Professional women struggling with their priorities, relationships, time-management, boundaries, and guilt
  • Stay-at-home mothers looking to redefine themselves and figure out what’s next for them
  • Women in relationships who may be contemplating a transition
  • Those seeking to learn more about themselves through engagement with horses

Along the way, Penny has been profoundly moved by the courage it takes for mothers to look closely at their dreams for themselves and is continually rewarded by the goals they achieve when they decide to take action.

When she is not coaching or encouraging her four children to live their best lives, Penny indulges her passion for horses, running and hot yoga!


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