Raymonde Violette

St-Leonard, NB, E7E 2N7

Raymonde first discovered her love of horses at the age of 6.  In the springtime during maple sugar season, she would go with her family to her grandparents’ farm, where they would all get into a sleigh hauled by a team of draft horses and ride to the maple sugar camp.  She remembers how the smell, the walk, the sound of bells, the touch of the horse’s nose all filled her heart with magic and happiness.  Not having forgotten this love of horses, as a young mother Raymonde would often take her two young daughters for horseback and wagon rides.

As a young woman, Raymonde started her career as a Registered nurse.  She loved  helping people get through illness and had  an avid interest in learning more, so she expanded her experience by working in various departments, such as maternity, post surgical, medicine, operating and recovery room and in outpatients.

In 1978 due to back problems, Raymonde embarked on a new career in Law Enforcement as a Customs Inspector with Customs and Revenue Agency.  This line of work opened a new door for her to the international world.  She worked in different ports of entry here in Canada and obtained a transfer to Lahr, Germany at the Canadian Military base where she processed the return of military personnel to Canada.

Five months after returning to Canada, Raymonde took on an assignment in Ottawa with the Security Intelligence Department.  She joined a team of software developers and helped develop an Electronic Line Release computer software program to be used for Customs purposes across Canada.  Two years later, she returned to her hometown in New Brunswick and trained Customs Inspectors in the use of this software at offices from New Brunswick to Alberta.

In 2006 Raymonde retired from Customs and with the encouragement of her youngest daughter, undertook her studies in massage therapy.  She became a successful certified massage therapist in her home province of New Brunswick, offering a variety of well mastered treatments such as:  Swedish massage, Polarity, Hot Stones therapy, Rain Drop and specific massage techniques for people undergoing cancer treatment and accompanying the dying.  After embarking in this new career, Raymonde found a new spark in her heart as she assisted clients in their struggles, be they physical, mental or emotional.

As a former practicing Registered Nurse and Massage Therapist, Raymonde decided it was time for her to walk the talk.  In 2009 she rediscovered her love for horses and the human/horse relationship in which the horse is the teacher.  She furthered her studies and became a graduate of the Facilitative Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) program at the Horse Spirit Connection in Tottenham, Ontario.

Raymonde invites you to come and discover your authenticity and the way to a new level of conscious living through the Way of Horses.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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