Suzanne Latchford

Advanced FEEL Certification
Wellington, ON K0J 3L0

As a child Suzanne Latchford felt a huge connection to animals, holding a special passion for horses.  She started riding at a very early age and achieved the goal of having her own horse by the age of twelve, experiencing first hand the responsibility of caring for such a large creature with so much depth.  Suzanne has lived in Germany and Italy where she worked with horses in two different training facilities.  She had the opportunity to diversify herself with different cultures, which opened up her desire to take in and learn from all of the experiences of her life.  Upon her return from Europe, Suzanne studied University courses in Sociology, Women Studies and German.  She graduated with honours from a Culinary Arts Program and immersed herself in Reiki and Meditation courses which ultimately sparked her journey towards spirituality, healing and wholeness.  Suzanne has a great admiration and love for horses and values working with them through mutual respect and partnership.  She looks forward to sharing their healing powers and wisdom through her experience of being a Certified FEEL instructor.


FEEL Training Program

Now taking registrations for June 2016

Horse Spirit Connections
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