Victoria Sambleson

Advanced FEEL Certification
Connecting with Horses
King City, ON M6N 2J6

For as long as she can remember, Victoria has had a love of horses. After sitting on a horse at a birthday party when she was 8, her Grandparents had to abandon their dream of her being a Ballerina and buy her a pair of riding boots. She started riding at the age of 10 and competed as a 3-Day Eventer throughout her teenage years. Her love of horses spread into all of her activities as a child. From art work to story writing, she always had horses in her thoughts and dreams.

Victoria attended the University of Western Ontario and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and History. With her degree in hand, she entered the corporate world and left the world of horses behind. For 10 years, Victoria built a career in Project Management. She was in on the ground floor of the .com boom and played an integral part in the creation of many leading edge e-commerce websites.

Through her work in the corporate world, Victoria was introduced to the sport of dragonboat racing. In 2002 she had the privilege of representing Canada in the World Club Crew Championships.

Although Victoria was fulfilled in her corporate career and her dragonboat success, she felt a strong pull towards change. Her experience in high level competitive sport allowed her access to national level trainers and healing teams. This experience sparked her interest in various healing modalities.

In 2002 Victoria left the corporate world to become a Registered Massage Therapist. In 2004, Victoria graduated from the Sutherland-Chan Massage School and began her own very successful private practice. Currently, Victoria also teaches at Sutherland-Chan Massage School as well as teaches continuing education workshops to other RMTS all over the world.

Victoria had discovered a new career she loved, however, she found it difficult at times to meet the physical, mental and emotional needs of her patients. Along with running and managing her own business, the emotional and physical challenges of her patients at times became overwhelming. As a result, Victoria sought the help of her childhood friends… horses. She reconnected with these wonderful beings and found a new way to restore balance in her life. This began a wonderful journey of self-discovery, personal growth and Well-Being. Through a beautiful connection with a horse named Dylan, Victoria discovered a new relationship with horses. This beautiful being has enlightened her and shown her a new way to be with horses. This loving teacher has helper her shift into a new way of being with animals. His powerful teachings of love, compassion trust and understanding continue to evolve Victoria’s relationship with horses on a daily basis.

Victoria’s new passion is to spread the word of the healing power of horses. She has become a Facilitator of Equine Experiential Learning. Her goal is to evolve this powerful relationship between horses and humans and honour the wisdom of the Horse.

In her work, Victoria explores the relationship between physical pain and emotional Well-Being. As an RMT, Victoria recognizes that people store emotional trauma and stress in their physical bodies. Through teachings from the horse, Victoria and her clients can gain a better understanding of the root cause behind their physical discomfort and imbalances leading her clients to a greater healing not only on a physical level but on an emotional and spiritual level as well.

Horses teach that there are messages behind our emotions and Victoria helps people release their emotions from their bodies. This exciting team of teacher (Horse) and healer (Victoria) that began on that pony ride so many years ago, has developed into a powerful healing experience for everyone involved.


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