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Friday, August 13, 2021, to Wednesday, August 21, 2021 

Youth Programs, Family & Friends Programs, Adult Sessions. 

6 days of discovery with self, others and the horses at Horse Spirit Connections. Group size will be kept to a minimum to maximize the experience  

Horsemanship 101 (or Horsewomanship 101) – for 8 to 16 yrs. 

Friday, August 13 – 9:30 am to noon

Have you ever wanted to bond with wonderful animals on a personal and intimate level? Have you ever wanted to have your own horse?  Learn to take care of them? Here is your opportunity to learn the basics of horse connection and care. This session will include learning about horse safety and body language, how they communicate with each other and the humans they interact with. Grooming, body parts, haltering and leading, stable management, feeding. Safety of horses and humans and dispelling myths while learning some new and exciting aspects and characteristics of horses. Learn to listen to horses and tap into your inner knowing. Individual time with the horses as well as group time in the paddock will be encouraged.

Limited spaces available to ensure high attention to each participant is provided.

Investment: $60 per person – Register Below

Painting with ponies for anyone 8 to 108. Open to siblings, parents and friends! 

Saturday, August 14 – 9:30 am to noon 

Learn how to approach horses on the ground. Connect with these magnificent beings. Experience a new level of creativity. Express yourself in full colour!

This is a fun way of expressing your own creativity. Time with the horses, in their paddock, connecting with them. Releasing the ties to technology and timelines. Graze with the horses and share in the peaceful beauty of their beings and surroundings.

Each participant will select a gift from Mother Earth to release their expression. These transformed rocks are a great reminder of how creativity can flow from a place of no distractions. Each participant will conclude their session with a personalized project that  they can take home with them 

Session includes: Paint and supplies are provided.

Investment: $60 per person – Register Below

Drumming, Rhythm, Movement and Horse beat!  Open to anyone 8 to 108 including siblings, parents and friends! 

Sunday, August 15 – 9:30 am to noon 

Discover a resounding you with stillness, sound and movement. Horses are masters at intuitive knowing and being. Let them guide you to that same place within yourself. Then let the sound of the drums vibrate an opening for new movements in your day. 

Drumming helps to bring us into balance. In general, it helps open our hearts and live from our heart center. Group drumming and music-making are universal to all cultures. It is aerobic, fun, easy and anyone can do it. We all have rhythm. 

Drums and rhythm instruments give a voice to those who struggle with self-expression and oral communication. They open up a rich world of non-verbal communication and creative expression in a safe and supportive environment. They allow us to connect, to share, to belong, to release, to be heard, to be creative, and to heal. 

The session includes drums and instruments provided; you are welcome to bring your own hand percussion instruments.  

Investment: $60 per person – Register Below

Mindfulness Monday for 8 to 16 yrs. 

Monday, August 16 – 9:30 am to noon

Horses are masters at being present in the moment. Connect with these wonderful energies before experiencing regenerating yoga and movement meditation with the horses in the paddocks. Session experience will include tapping into your inner body awareness. Listening for messages from our bodies. Linking to the energy of Mother Earth while becoming one with the herd of horses. Open to awareness of connection with the horses and the nature surrounding us. Your yoga practice will continue being one with the herd. Flow and Connection as well as restoration and growth will be supported. Further connection to self and the other sentient beings we share our world with, we will join in a  deeper way of finding stillness within while the world around us continues to move.  

Investment: $60 per person – Register Below

Leadership and Empowerment for 8 to 16 yrs. 

Youth Leadership and Empowerment

Tuesday, August 17 – 9:30 am to noon 

A great opportunity to learn from the horses as they share (and show)  leadership and empowerment strategies. Challenge yourself to be a consensual leader with a 1500lb animal. Learn to step into your power while working with the horses.

Working with our horse-partners, we will explore different types of leadership, what makes a supportive leader, developing skills of listening, negotiation, resolution – within self and with others. Learn how to lead from a place of heart, body and mind. Tap into your true leadership through intention, positive energy and imagination and open up many possibilities for intuitive growth.

Investment $60 per person – Register Below

Gratitude and Growth for 8 to 16 yrs. 

Wednesday, August 18 – 9:30 to noon

Food is very important to horses and they love snacks! Learn about sprouting and healthy snack choices for yourself and the horses. Open yourself to communicating with the horses to find out what their bodies need in the moment. Tap into your own body knowing. Learn to listen to the messages your body and heart share with you.

In this session, we create opportunities for healthy choices to fuel our body, mind and heart. Tasting various fresh-grown sprouts. Discovering the various health benefits of eating each live green in its natural form. Take the sprouts out to the horses and tap into your awareness while offering a sampling to our horse partners. Create a take-home sprouting project that will continue to develop as growth is experienced. 

The session includes: all materials needed.

Investment $60 per person – Register Below

Mark your calendar for these other activities!

Painting with Ponies for 16yrs. to adults 

Friday, August 13 – 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Experience a new way of being with horses. Allow yourself to open up to these magnificent beings. Experience a new rush of creativity as you express yourself in living colour on gifts from Mother Earth!

Paint nights have become popular in restaurants and pubs…  Well, now it is time to get outside! The horses are offering a night of connecting with them in their paddock as you tap into your inner inspiration. Each session will start with connection time with the horses, at liberty, in their spacious outdoor home. Honouring the full expression of what comes forward from a place of inner beauty. Inspired by the peace and tranquillity of these magnificent beings while sharing their space – we begin to create.

Your art expression will include suggestions of techniques and methods. This is not a ‘paint by numbers’ class. This is a way to unleash your own creative journey, supported by the horses. Wonderful opportunity for kids to bring their adults, families and friends to join and create together, each having their own expression and piece of art to take with them.

The session includes: Paint and supplies.

Investment: $60 per person 

To register call or text Rayna at 416-428-3408

E-transfer payment to (no password required) Please add the participant’s name and phone number in the “Message” when making an E-transfer.

Restorative Yoga with the Horses. 

Tuesday, August 17 – 7 pm to 8:30 pm

Join the herd of horses as we connect with them from a heart space. They are in a place of mindful meditation with every step they take, we too, ground and relax when we unite with these beautiful beings.

Horses have a heart that is 5 times larger and beats at a much slower rate than that of the human heart. Just by being in proximity with our horses, you will find that your heart rate will slow and you will naturally start to become more grounded. We take this gift from the horses into our restorative yoga practice. Tapping into breath and body, releasing muscles and mind. Remember to bring your yoga mat (or a towel)!

Investment: $25 per person

To Register call or text Rayna at 416-428-3408

E-transfer payment to (no password required) Please add the participant’s name and phone number in the “Message” when making an E-transfer.

Full Moon Meditation with the Herd 

Monday, September 20 – 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm 

Tuesday, October 19 – 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm 

Thursday, November 18 – 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm 

The full moon represents the Heart Chakra.  The stronger your connection to the full moon, the more your heart chakra is aligned. Your heart chakra is home to kindness and forgiveness. When you meditate during the full moon, you are channelizing the energy to fill your heart with positivity.

This means that meditating in full moon energy is actually the perfect time to let go of negativity.

What could be more wonderful than having horses supporting and encouraging the use of heart energy through their beautiful large hearts and angelic souls? Horses have hearts that are 5 times larger than the heart of a human and the horse’s heart beats 50-70%  slower than a human heart. Meditating while in the company of horses bring the experience to a deeper level. 

Connect your heart to the energy of the horse’s hearts and the full moon during this mediation.  

Investment: $35 per person per session 

To Register call or text Rayna at 416-428-3408

E-transfer payment to (no password required) Please add the participant’s name and phone number in the “Message” when making an E-transfer.


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